By George Ampat / September 30, 2017

Lets PARTY back pain away Download the leaflet Lets Party Back Pain Away

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By George Ampat / September 15, 2017

The Battle of the Orthotic: Standard VS Computer Matched – Which best aids the treatment of plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis (PR planter - fash - ee - eye - tus) Plantar fasciitis is the bane of most athletes...

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By George Ampat / September 8, 2017

Will an Aetrex® Orthotic Improve Your Performance as a Runner?

In 2016, users of the popular fitness tracking app, Strava logged a staggering number of miles ran; equivalent to 900...

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By George Ampat / February 12, 2017

Four months of leave from work taken six months after an accident. Is this delayed time off work related to the earlier accident or not?

Can a mathematical model aid to solve this issue? Consider the following scenario: A 50 year old male is involved...

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By George Ampat / February 6, 2017

Can stress from PI claims affect outcomes? A story of secondary victimisation or secondary gain?

If an individual is eligible for compensation and their claim was successful, in most situations they are able to gain...

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