The DIERS pedoscan (foot pressure recording and gait analysis system)


The DIERS pedoscan (foot pressure recording and gait analysis system) allows to record and display quickly and precisely the pressure distribution of the human foot while standing or while walking. The parameters measured are the pressure distribution, pressure peaks, and movement asymmetries. The rollover behavior is also recorded to help to diagnose foot malformations or functional limitations of the lower extremity. The precise, high-frequency measurement technology allows to document even rapid movements of the body’s centre of pressure and load changes. During the dynamic measurement the walking direction is automatically identified by the software.

The high-frequency measurement of the body’s centre of pressure provides additional information about neurological issues and extends the range of application to (competitive) sports.

The integrated measuring platform is 1.0 m long with 5.376 sensors for an exact capture of the pressure values. Measurement precision is gained and needed due to postural variances of the human body. The treadmill can be used both for static measurements of the foot pressure measurement as well as for the stabilometry.

Ideally suited for patients who have pain in the feet with no clear diagnosis.

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Price – Scan + Consultation £250. ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE LIVERPOOL CENTRE.