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Escape Pain is a Health Innovation Network initiative helping patients to cope with Hip and Knee arthritic pain. This involves exercise and information dissemination in group sessions to decrease fear and increase activity. Currently, in most parts of the UK, there are clear pathways and treatment plans when surgery is considered for arthritic pain. However such clear pathways are not always present when patients do not require surgery or are being treated non operatively. This lack of a clear pathway, for non operatively treating patients, increases their disability and pain. Unfortunately, this will also increase the need for surgical intervention. Escape Pain (for Hip and Knee Arthritis) hopes to bridge this gap and provide that service.

This program has been run in London for many years and has achieved considerable success The second course at Southport will commence on 10/04/2018 for 6 weeks. It is a one hour contact session every Tuesday and Friday between 2:15 PM and 3:15 PM. Though we are endeavoring to obtain NHS funding, currently it is a private initiative.

The dates for the 2nd course are as follows

Week 1 – 10/04/2018 (Tuesday), 13/04/2018 (Friday)
Week 2 – 17/04/2018 (Tuesday), 20/04/2018 (Friday)
Week 3 – 24/04/2018 (Tuesday), 27/04/2018 (Friday)
Week 4 – 01/05/2018 (Tuesday), 04/05/2018 (Friday)
Week 5 – 08/05/2018 (Tuesday), 11/05/2018 (Friday)
Week 6 – 15/05/2018 (Tuesday), 18/05/2018 (Friday)

The venue for the course is – Sacred Heart Church, 483 Liverpool Road Ainsdale Southport PR8 3BP – View map – View venue

There are 12 contact sessions. Each contact session involves a Group discussion for 2o minutes followed by a 40 minute exercise class. The exercises are gentle and catered to various abilities. The topic of discussion for each session are as follows

1 Aims of the programme
2 Joint pain & benefits of the exercise
3 Goal setting and action plans
4 Pacing activities
5 Healthy diet
6 Ice and heat
7 Mid-way review
8 Anxiety, mood and pain
9 Relaxation techniques
10 Drug management
11 Managing flare-ups
12 Exercising in the long term

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ESCAPE PAIN – Functional rehabilitation program for Hip and Knee Arthritis

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