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by June  on George Ampat

Completely satisfied with my consultation. Mr Ampat explained a lot of things to me and showed a lot of patience and kindness. I would like to think I could see him again in future. 



by John / JB on George Ampat  

The doctor able to explain in detail what he was going to check the diagnosis of my injury and was amazing through this consultation . He actually gave myself a terminology diagnosis that fits in with actual defect that I was born with and can’t thank the doctor enough .



by Andrew  on George Ampat

Mr Ampat was very thorough and very polite he didn’t rush me and gave me lots of time.  He is clearly very knowledgable and a good doctor.



by K  on George Ampat

Very professional and very friendly towards jack



by Sarah-Jayne  on George Ampat

Very informative. Left me feeling positive about the prognosis and treatment plan.



by L M   on George Ampat

On attending the clinic today I feel Mr Ampat conducted himself in a welcoming professional manner. He eased my nerves and made me feel very comfortable



by Cheryl  on George Ampat

Extremely informative and thorough in explaining reasons for pain and discomfort. Provided me with exercises.



Natasha  on George Ampat

Very helpful and informative



Annmarie  on George Ampat

Great, he has a wonderful way to explain things in a way that is understandable.



by Helena on George Ampat

I found today’s consultation most informative and helpful in regards to strengthening my spine to help ease the pain I’m experiencing.   I am also comforted by the fact if my problems persist I am more than welcome to return to see Mr Ampat .



by Gary  on George Ampat

A different perspective on treatment is refreshing



by Nigel   on George Ampat

Very understanding and encouraging



Agnieszka  on George Ampat

Professional and nice service.



by Wendy  on George Ampat

Very polite and explained my condition



by Pauline  on George Ampat

Very happy explained everything to me. Made it very clear to what I need to do.



by Kathryn  on George Ampat

Polite and considerate


 Feb 18, 2017

by William Fox on George Ampat

Grateful. I was a patient of Mr.Ampat for two and a half years and during this time have always found him to be very courteous and attentive. I always felt more confident leaving him after attending his clinic.


 Feb 9, 2017

by Pamela Obrien on George Ampat

I had consultation with dr ampat today he has given very good advise and i feel more optimistic about the future thanks doc x


 Jan 6, 2017

by Jenny on George Ampat

Thank You. Dr Ampat is a lovely gentleman who appreciated my need to follow a conservative management route for my osteoarthritis to avoid hip replacement surgery. I believe exercise is the way forward for me and I will follow up his recommendations.


 Aug 10, 2016

by Bernard Limacher on 

A True Gentleman Both my wife and I are currently patients of Mr.Ampat. In total between us we have seen him on 6 occasions. We have always found him to be a very good listener when explaining our problems and his bedside manner is an example of which all other Dr’s should follow. He explains what is medically wrong in clear and concise terms, and even will e-mail information to you if he thinks it will assist the patient. Whenever I have travelled overseas he has always supplied a letter outlining my medical condition for other’s information should I feel they need to know. Mr.Ampat is a true gentleman and a doctor whom I have absolute faith in.


 Mar 17, 2016

by Sue on George Ampat

Thank You

mr ampat is a lovely dr he helped my mum understand better what was going on with her spine complaint and he listened and answered all the questions we had and helped me understand better about her condition he has made her feel a lot better about everything and now she feels as if she is finally getting somewhere and she’s finally going to get the help she needs
Thank you so much mr ampat for being a lovely,caring and patient dr


 Mar 16, 2016

by Lauren on George Ampat

Thank You So Much

Mr ampat is a brilliant doctor and it is always a pleasure to go and see him he is really helpful and informative he has helped me to deal with my back condition and get myself back to a pain free happy young girl thank u so much


 Mar 14, 2016

by Doug Ormsby on George Ampat

Thank You

Thank you mr ampat for being so professional and thorough you helped me a lot l would recommend you to anyone


 Feb 28, 2016

by Mandy Anderson on George Ampat


Thank you Mr Ampat for such a reassuring consultation. After seeing so many others who were not able to ascertain my needs in such a professional manner.


 Feb 25, 2016

by Joe Forde on George Ampat

Prolasped Disc

when i first went to see mr ampat,i was in agony with back&leg pain,he examined me &explained what the problem was&what was needed to be done,i had two spinal injections,shortly after my condition improved,i’m so happy i went to see him,through his expertise he has improved my back&leg pain&i’d recommend him to anyone.


 Aug 1, 2015

by Hobley on George Ampat

Ease The Feet

I do not use a satnav so the shop was difficult to find. The young man who served me had all the patience in the world and measured my feet very carefully and adjusted the shoes I chose – using pads in the toes, not used eventually – and arch support implants to ensure the shoes fitted accurately. I realise that it is impossible to stock even one shoe in every size, width and colour but there was only one shoe which was right for me and the slippers I liked were not available in my size.
The shoes I bought are very comfortable and just right for my needs.